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Why Bam Events

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WordPress Event Calendar

Bam Events allows you to display your events on a modern calendar. Out of the box you can choose to display events on a calendar or list - you can also give your visitors the option to choose the event archive view.

Event Images

Like posts and pages Bam Events lets you choose an event image for each of your events. The featured event image will display on the single event page and for developers to feature the image in other parts of your website.

Google Maps

Create and save event locations, that can then be reused across other events, you can then choose to display a static Google Map on the single event page.

Event Organisers

The modern archive pages allows visitors to search, filter and explore the archive all without reloading the page - this really helps with user experience.

Event Categories

Like posts you can organise events into categories and tags, which can help you manage events and also allows your site visitors to search and find events based on category and tags.

Case Study: Taps Direct

Taps Direct is a leading UK e-commerce plumbing supplies business with thousands of Taps, Radiators, Kitchen and bathroom accessories.

They approached us with the task of creating an event management tools that lets them plan sales events behind the scenes, with public facing data feeds to advertise their events to the public.

The custom events solution, based on top of Bam Events, allows Taps Direct to easily manage and update their sales events - without touching any code.

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